The Friendship Force of Lethbridge

... a world of friends is a world of peace ...


When & where do we meet?


Our club meets monthly (usually at 6:00 pm on the fourth Thursday of the month) at the West Side Crossings Branch Library .  Club business is followed by coffee, refreshments and entertainment (travelogues etc.) During Covid, we are meeting via Zoom.

In addition to regular meetings we meet monthly for L.E.O. (Let's Eat Out). For more information about our events and meetings checkout our calender.


Besides eating and going to meetings, what is it that we do?


Sometimes we travel and visit other clubs, sometimes we host. Here is an example of some of the activities our guests might do when they visit us:

Our programs normally include a welcome reception, day trips to Waterton Park or other nearby attractions, a farm/country beef barbecue, hosted suppers, and a farewell dinner. Our entire membership participate by taking part in receptions and dinners, and there is much opportunity to meet most of our members. Hosts are encouraged to arrange for guests special interests, and to choose pertinent activities on optional days. We can arrange transportation to & from Calgary or other nearby clubs in US or Canada (cost extra).

Come visit us. Let us show you our beautiful part of Canada.


Where has our club been & which clubs have come to visit us?

 Since our club was chartered in December 1994, we have had many wonderful guests and have travelled to many interesting destinations. Here is a complete list of our club's Journey and Host history.

Didja know?


Here are some little known FFI and Lethbridge Facts.

*In Friendship Force, faces are more important than places

*The first Friendship Force club in Canada was chartered in Lethbridge on December 28th, 1994

*On March 1, 2017 Friendship Force International celebrated its 39th anniversary

*Canada now has about 22 chartered Friendship Force clubs

*FFI Program Services Coordinator, Allison Lindsey, is our official contact with FFI

*Hosting can be as much fun as travelling

*During his years in the White House President Jimmy Carter was instrumental in promoting the ideals of Friendship Force across the globe

*Rev. Wayne Smith was the founder of Friendship Force and it's first president

*Since the Lethbridge club was chartered, it has had over 80 official exchanges, mostly international

*There are now about 350 Friendship Force clubs the world over

*Canada is chartering new clubs faster than anywhere else in the world

*Canada is one of the most requested destinations in the Friendship Force community

*Jeremi Snook is the current president of FFI

*The head office of Friendship Force International is in Atlanta, Georgia

*The charter president of the Lethbridge club was Barbara Warren 


Our official FFI Club Profile

Here is a link to Friendship Force International's head office in Atlanta where the Lethbridge club profile is on file. 


Our Status as a Society

Effective in the year 2014, our Lethbridge club is now officially registered under the auspices of The Societies Act of Alberta.  "There are several advantages to incorporating a group.

  • Members of societies may not be held responsible for the debts of the society.
  • Societies may own property and may enter into contracts under the society's name, as opposed to its individual members entering into a contract.
  • The public's perception of a society is that an incorporated group has a more formal, permanent status than an unincorporated group"

Requirements of the Societies Act are incorporated in to our Club Bylaws.